It is possible to visit most temples, stupas and shrines except the inner sacred or holy places. Look out for instructions or signboards if entry is restricted.

Temples are places for homage and worshiping, do not climb or step on statues

Here are some useful tips before you visit.
  • Shoes are not allowed in every temples and monasteries. So remove or leave them in the front door or look out for shoe lockers. In some places, shoe lookers will take care of your shoes with small fees of Rs. 5 to Rs.10. You can tip them as well to make them happy.
  • Leather items, such as handbags, belts, caps or other accessories made of leather are prohibited in most of the places.
  • Make sure you confirm with people nearby. It is recommended.
  • Take a clockwise direction to move around temples, as you can see other people doing that same.
  • Keep distance from prayers who are performing rituals.  Do not touch their offerings.
  • In religious places, you could see a round shaped stone or metal embedded on the ground, mostly in the entrance. Look out and don’t step on it.  The circular shape resembles mandala.
  • Be considerate while taking pictures. Again, look out for sign boards. If it says “No photography”, then it is strictly NO. Follow the rules.
  • Generally, inside every temple, you can find a person standing just next to a holy statue. It is always polite to ask them before taking pictures. If you are ready to take pictures, turn your camera flash off to stop distracting them and worshippers. Do not take pictures, especially at the time of performing rituals.

Temple statues consist of ritual powers. Positive energy flows in the surroundings. Pay visit and pray soulfully, find peace in mind and soul.