"Yomari Purnima" Celebration.

Yomari Punhi also known was Dhanya Purnima and Jyapu Diwas is celebrated in the full moon day of December. This is one of the popular festivals among the Newar community in which people worship Annapurna – goddess of grains and food. This festival is celebrated after finishing harvest.

On this day, a special dish called Yomari is prepared. Yomari is a special sweet delicacy prepared with rice-flour (rice from new harvest) and brown cane sugar (chaku) and sesame seeds fillings. Yo meaning like and mari meaning bread; giving it name Yomari literally meaning “tasty bread”. It is believed that eating this dish will take away cold as it is steamed cooked and served hot.

Different forms of gods and goddess are prepared such as Ganesh, Kumar, Laxmi, and Kuber and wish for good health and wealth of both family and society. This day children gather together and performs dance and sings customary song:

Yomari chaku, Ukedune haku, Beu ma lyase, Mabeu ma budi kuti

In this day Newar communities organize a rally in the different Newar settlement in the valley to mark Jyapu Diwas as well as mask dances are performed in the Hari Siddhi village and Thecho village.

There is also an old tradition of making Yomari garland to celebrate the birthday of kids aging 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

Few photographs of Making Yomari:

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