Ashtanga (Mysore style) Workshop and Sadhana Yoga Introduction

Save the Date: Saturday, February 14at 8:00am
Venue: YogaRoom Kathmandu

A 3 hours Ashtanga yoga and 2 hours Yoga therapy workshop with Yogacharya Hemanth, founder of Sadhana Yoga.

Born and brought up in Mysore, Hemanth has been practising Yoga uninterruptedly for more than 20 years, starting from the age of 6. His education in Yoga started with B. Shantharam, with whom he learned and practiced the complete system of Raja Yoga. He further on studied and practised under the direct guidance of Yoga guru Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and was always guided by the master of 'Yoga Makaranda', the Yoga scripture written by the father of modern yoga T. Krishnamacharya.

He accumulated an immense rich experience and theoretical knowledge by practising and doing his own research on Yoga. Among the younger generation of Yoga teachers, he is considered as one of the best Indian Yoga teachers. He intuitively knows that his only (sacred) mission in this life is to share and promote the essence of traditional Yoga.

He founded Sadhana Yoga Institut in Beijing 2012 and in Mysore 2014
To register for the workshop on 14 February please send an email to
Participation will be confirmed by email only.

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