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Bungamati Locals organizing Bungamati Festival 2015 on the occasions of Twelve years of Rato Machindranath Charito Jatra.

Witness the prelude to the Rato Macchindranath Jatra at Bungamati, Lalitpur. Usually, the Macchindranath chariot is constructed at Pulchowk Lalitpur and the procession proceeds from there but this year the chariot is being constructed at Bungamati itself.
Events Details:
Date: Baisakh 5 to Baisakh 9, 2072 (April 18 - April 22, 2015)
Time: 9am to 7pm
Address: Bungmati, lalitpur, Nepal

Important Events:

Baisakh 5 (April 18)
A team will travel to Katuwal daha and spend the night there requesting Rato Macchindranath (the sprit of the the God) to come with them. The morning of Baishakh 5, the Macchindranath will be transferred to the idol using tantrik techniques.

Baisakh 6 (April 19)
The freshly painted Rato Macchindranath will be placed on his brand new chariot.

Baishakh 9 (April 22)
The chariot of will be pulled to Jawalakhel, Bungamati. (not the same as Jawalakhel, near Pulchowk)

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