About Rara lake Trip on a budget. We are students.

Dear all,

We want to visit rara lake last of chaitra, but we don't know about how to reach at rara lake,
We are students so we have not sufficient money to visit by airway, so we have to go there by the road map.
Please, everyone inform me the how-to visit rara lake via road (bus or micro) please give me the map of how to visit, rest station and etc.

Thank you
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Malika17 - Traveller

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Hi Dila.

I have recently visited Rara lake, here is my experience:

I initially took a flight to Nepalgunj and then was suppose to take flight to Kolti . From kolti, Rara could be reached in about 2-3 days by trekking. But if you prefer taking bus you can take a bus from Kathmandu bus park to reach Surkhet via Nepalgunj and stay overnight there. Or you can also take a bus to Nepalgunj and then to Attarya.

From Attarya there will be a night bus which goes to Tipada (Rs1040) . And when you reach Tipada you will then get a jeep to Martadi (Rs.400). You can stay overnight at martadi or you can take a jeep again to Kolti (Rs.800)

The routes are not so comfortable and you will be asked to walk in certain route since its better options for both of the passengers and the drivers. The road is bit steep and muddy.

Once you reach Kolti, stay overnight over there. Next day you can begin your trek to Rara lake. When I did this trek from Kolti I followed karnali river on my way. First day i stayed at a place called Ratapani after walking for 5-6 hours. You can find economic lodges and they are not so expensive. Rs.400 can cover one person for accommodation and food.

Second day after I walked for almost 7 hours through deserted area less jungle but they are building a roadways. Maybe in next couple of years we can have a jeep or motorbike running here. Next I reached to place called Budseni (not sure if how it is spelled) . Here you don't have much of houses or hotel, very limited. I preferred staying here since it was almost getting dark. It costs around Rs.500-600 for food and accommodation.

Next morning after breakfast I started to head towards Rara, now all the routes from this village has a dense jungle . Very nice jungle bit chilly lots of different birds and many rocks on my way.

After a walk of almost 4 hours I reached to Rara , beautiful lake so unreal beauty as shown in the pictures that we could buy in a souvenir shops.

Living in Rara comes to be bit expensive since they only have one lodge there. The accommodation per night is rs.1200 and the food is around Rs.400. You can even get a tent and stay at camping site and it costs you same rate.

After spending a day at Rara lake i walked through the conservation area to get down to Talcha airport. Almost walked for around 3 hours and stayed a night at Talcha, since getting a flight back is really a tough thing.

You can also take a jeep to some village called Gamgadi and then there you would get other transportation to get back to Nepalgunj or surkhet and back to Kathmandu. I hope it is helpful.

I have written blog about my visit to rara, you can check on this link.
https://malikashrestha.wordpre ... lake/

Thank you, have a safe travel.
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Hi Khanaldila,
Rara is a good place to visit.

Here is an itinerary which might be helpful to you for your Rara visit.

You can take a bus from Kathmandu bus park to reach Surkhet via Nepalgunj and stay overnight there. Then you can take a jeep or bus to reach Jumla and stay there. Then you can take a jeep or bus to reach Nagma and stay overnight in Sinja Valley. After that you have to trek for about 6-7 hours to reach Mugu and Rara Lake.

Following itinerary might help you to make a day-by-day plan.

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Surkhet via Nepalgunj by luxury bus. Stay in Surkhet at night.
Day 02: Take a jeep/bus to reach Jumla. Stay at a local hotel.
Day 03: Drive to Nagma Jumla. Overnight stay in Sinja valley.
Day04: Trek to reach Mugu and Rara lake. Overnight stay at a hotel.
Day 05: Full day sightseeing around Rara.
Day 06: Rara Lake to Jumla by trek or jeep or bus. Overnight stay at Jumla.
Day 07: Jumla to Surkhet by bus drive.
Day 08: Rest at Surkhet and sightseeing
Day 09: Departure from Surkhet to reach Kathmandu.

It might take more than 9 days depending upon the weather and road condition during your visit.

I hope it is helpful for you.

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Hi Dila,

Have look on this following link, Kantipur has featured blog about the 'How to Visit Rara lake' & some other information about the Rara lake on this following link:
1. http://saptahik.ekantipur.com/ ... .html
2. http://kantipur.ekantipur.com/ ... .html
3. http://kantipur.ekantipur.com/ ... .html

Hope this information also help you.

Thank you.
Have a safe travel :)
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