Free icloud ID for Nepal (What is Nepal's Postal Code for iTunes)

Now you can create a free icloud ID from Nepal.

There's a "Create Free" options in "Settings" on your iPhone

In case you are wondering the postal code of Nepal, then insert 000977 and nine zeros (0000000000) in phone number field.

You will get thru it.

Hope it helps
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krmaharjan - I love all about Marketing

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Dear iPhone users,
I am using Samsung S8+ and would like to SELL.
Purchase Date: 27 September 2017.

Usage: for business, mostly calls, gmail app, FB page manager and IG.
(Never used for gaming or, movie or long hours on Youtube)
Therefore its battery life is still good as new. No Scractches, never dropped.
I handled it in a fair caring manner.

Previously, I used to be iOS user and again I have a feeling to upgrade for an iPhone. That is why I am selling my S8+.
Offering price is 55000 Rs.
Samsung Galaxy S8+ is water resistance, COLOR is Coral Blue.

Comes with the original power cable, and accessories as it is.
If you are interested, please SMS me at 9851070224.

~ Kumar.
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Shashank_B - student

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Thanks man. This is helpful.
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