Air Vent Nepal, Natural Economical Effective Ventilation.

We are Lazimpat Engineering Works.

Stay Cool With Airvent Turbine Ventilator

Natural economical effective ventilation all year round without power or operating costs. Improves working conditions and increases productivity. An energy saver for a better tomorrow.

- Helps remove stain, damps and hot air.
- Weather proof and storm proof
- Rotor shaft and bearing assembly concealed in aluminium casing
- Adaptable to any roofing
- Maintenance free
- Lightweight and durable
- 1 years Warranty.
Contact: 01-4428506, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

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Just found SB Machinery P. Ltd. (Teku Kathmandu), that provides Roof Ventilation System.

Benefits of installation
- Removes entrapped heat and industrial emission
- Removes moisture-laden air in the winter
- Removes extremely hot air in the summer

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