Taxi service from Beni to Jomsom

Dear Jomsom Travelers,

I’ve been asked a lot of times about taxi service from Beni to Jomsom. And we’ve blogged and answered in very detail about this already.

To be specific,
There’re no taxi service from Beni to jomsom as per our experience until May, 2013.
Taxi service is available from Pokhara to Beni and, Beni to Tatopani. You can hire on individual basis or group basis

Based on my travel;
  • From pokhara it cost me Rs. 400/- per person to beni, which is 2-3 hrs drive, depending on road condition and speed.
  • From pokhara to Tatopani, taxi driver asked me to Pay Rs. 1000/- per person, which is 3-4 hrs drive.
That’s it.
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Agree by: krmaharjan, admin

note that prices are almost double for non-nepali, and 1.5 times for Indian nationals
for bus and jeep seats
2014-04-23 21:02



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