Nepal Lipi Classes,

Starts from 23rd Baisakh 2075 (Sunday) | 06 May, 2018

Nepal has registered 'Ranjana Lipi' as national script of Nepal in the United Nations to be recognized as a free Nation.But people nowadays take it as a script used by only particular ethnic group which is not true.
So, in order to make people aware about our glorious and important scripts like Ranjana, Prachalit and Bhujinmola,we are organizing a lipi classes of fore mentioned scripts.

Courses Includes

1. Prachalit lipi (developed in 7th Century)
2. Bhujinmola Lipi
3. Ranjana Lipi
5. Saptakchhar
6. Basic Nepal Bhasa Grammar

Course Duration

60 days
1.5 hours daily(90 hours)

Rs.2000/- only

Fee includes
1.Stationary items(For Ranjana Lipi)
3.Guest lectures/Special Classes
5.Certificate of completion

(Note:: 25 seats are available for this classes on first come,first serve basis)
Please confirm your seats here:
Rajan -- 9861333896
Pranita -- 9843194121