Travel Agency (start-up) Name Suggestions (Nepal based)

This post is for prospects who are looking to generate names for their travel agencies.

One of my previous services were to generate a name(s) for the budding entrepreneurs, who asks for the name(s) for their upcoming start-ups. That also includes domain name availability checks.

Meaning, I have to find short, relevant company/brand names, for the perspectives. And I needed to search .COM domain availability for the chosen names.

In the process, I am going to mention a few names which might be useful for the onlookers here.

  • Mountain Excursions Travel & Tours
  • Himal Planet Travel & Tours
  • Hariyo (Holidays) Travel & Tours
  • Over To Mountains Travel & Tours
  • Legendary Nepal Travel & Tours
  • Elite Travel Consultants & Tour Experts
  • Travel Professional Nepal Travel & Tours ( pronounced as TravelPro)
  • Transit Nepal Travel & Tours
  • Allied Travel & Tours Nepal (ATTN)
Even though the lists are old ones, I hope this helps to create one.
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krmaharjan - I love all about Marketing

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More. (please add Travel, Tour, Expedition or Trekking at the end)
  • Kanchen
  • Limestone
  • Milestone
  • Wonder Everest
  • Silver Cap
  • Whisper Mountain
  • Garland
  • Mountain Mingle
  • Golden Yeti
  • Super Yak
  • Miracle Mountain
  • Golden Glacier
  • Copper Mountain
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SastriNP - Tourism Entrepreneur

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Great info!

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