Travel Agency (start-up) Name Suggestions (Nepal based)

This post is for perspectives who are looking to generate names for their travel agencies.

One of my previous services were to generate name(s) for the budding entrepreneurs, who asks for name(s) for their upcoming start-ups. That also includes with domain name availability checks.

Meaning, I have to find short, relevant company/brand names, for the perspectives. And I needed to search .COM domain availability for the chosen names.

In the process, I am going to mention few names which might be useful for the onlookers here.

  • Mountain Excursions Travel & Tours
  • Himal Planet Travel & Tours
  • Hariyo (Holidays) Travel & Tours
  • Over To Mountains Travel & Tours
  • Legendary Nepal Travel & Tours
  • Elite Travel Consultants & Tour Experts
  • Travel Professional Nepal Travel & Tours ( pronounced as TravelPro)
  • Transit Nepal Travel & Tours
  • Allied Travel & Tours Nepal (ATTN)
Even though the lists are old ones, I hope this helps to create one.
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krmaharjan - I love all about Marketing

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More. (please add Travel, Tour, Expedition or Trekking at the end)
  • Kanchen
  • Limestone
  • Milestone
  • Wonder Everest
  • Silver Cap
  • Whisper Mountain
  • Garland
  • Mountain Mingle
  • Golden Yeti
  • Super Yak
  • Miracle Mountain
  • Golden Glacier
  • Copper Mountain
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SastriNP - Tourism Entrepreneur

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Great info!

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