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Wola Wola, आयो आयो ( Coming- Coming) – I came to know its meaning now

Wola Wola (Coming Coming ) was the cry of panic and warning at Kathmandu city at last few days of Rana region during 1951.. Soldiers were posted in the key squares of the city. Rumors were rampant that peoples of kanth ( कांथ ) at bases of hills surrounding the valley who were considered loyal to Ranas and belonging to their organization Gorkha Dal were coming to attack Newa of the city .

To defend their Tole ( locality) , Tole Rachya Sangha (. टोल रछ्या संघ, An organization formed to protect the locality from possible attack by s military and outsiders mainly loyal to Ranas .Youngsters of the locality used to gather at its office with spears , bamboo sticks and khukuris. This Wolअ Wolअ was the Newa word used by the people of the city to warn its citizen of coming of danger in the city. I was a teenage boy then and still remember how the elderly citizens used to get panicked and hide their children inside their home when they heard this warning .Fortunately nothing of any sort happened .

On 7 th Falguun , 2007 ( Bikram Calender) Rana regime was terminated according Tri party treaty among, Rana regime , India and congress party.The king who was living in India then as a refugee came back to Kathmandu and the political power enjoyed by Ranas was restored to him with the formation of a first ministry under the Rana prime minister and members of Congress party as ministers. Nepal was declared as a Democratic country. Then after the rumor of Wola Wola stopped .

During Rana regime Kathmandu valley was treated as a closed nation. Visa (राह दानि ) was required to come inside and go outside the valley. In fact Then Kathmandu was a closed place with strong restriction on population movements. As such the population of the valley remained mostly Newa, the native population of the valley accounting 85 % its population

Though Ranas ruled by iron hand and confiscated many Newa land for constructions of their palaces, they did little interfere on social customs of local people. This made local people able to maintain their traditions and customs preserving ancientness of their ways of life. Newa Bhay was used to be the medium of social and business communications

.Non newa including Ruler rulers were affluent in Newa bhay. Khas population were also concentrated at two places of the city , those from east on Dillibazar area and those from west on Chetrapati and Pakanajol . As a child belonging to Ongha ( now Indra chowk) I have observed that for marketing at Kathmandu city during Dasain festival, hill people used to bring with a person who could speak Newa language

With introduction of democracy in the country during 2007, Kathmandu was also made open allowing free movement of population but immigration of people from others parts specially those of Hills were initiated slowing . This immigration had little impact on existing Newa population. But after political disturbances Nepal during 2036, the political parties in Nepal brought thousands of people from hills to Kathmandu city to make them take part in the demonstration organized by them against the government. These people did not return their home at hills.

Subsequent such activities and immigration to valley of others due to available facilities at Katmandu , the capital of the country have been increasing the population of Kathmandu valley from 3.8 lacks during 1951 to 4.,6 lack by 1961, and to16.45 lack by 2001 and it is estimated to be around 50.9 lack at present .

The percentage of newa population which was about 85% during 1951 decreasing to 69.48% in 1961 and to 35.4% by 2011 and estimated to minority population of 25% at present making once a majority becoming minority.

The increasing population needed land for building their homes, the government needed land for of their whimsical development planes. And all these lands were acquired by forceful eviction of locals , their building being destroyed by Bulldozers , all parks and recreation ground were occupied my military and police for their uses .

Hunger for land, money and political power has turned Nepal into most corrupt state in the word making rational people to stay here peacefully impossible and driving intellectuals and locals to foreign countries for better life.

Now I came to realize the significance Wola Wola rumor spread in the valley during the exit of Rana regime in present context. It was meant to warn the people of coming of state sponsored corruption, coming of land and education mafias and polarization in people’ s social norms with making reciprocal phenomenon of Wona Wona ( going out of intellectuals, , draining of man power ,deterioration in social normal, wills to fight against injustice
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