Roof top gardening (Farming) training in Nepal! (Information)

I am Harshaman aged 60, currently living in Raniban, Kathmandu. I have space available in roof top of my house and want to utilize them. I have seen lots of pictures of people growing vegetables in their rooftop in Facebook. I want to start farming too in my roof top. Is there any place where i can get the information, training about the rooftop gardening in Kathmandu?

If anyone can share, it would be a great help to me!
Thank you!
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Namaste Harshman ji.

I admire your enthusiasm in Roof Top Gardening.

I have some information to share.

(1) I know HASERA, many friends of mine have recommended this exemplary Permaculture farm. Please check the dates of training on its website -
Or contact : Mobile: 9841332443 [Govinda], | 9860656483 [Bigyan]

(2) If you would like to Do-It-Yourself from the manual, download UNHABITAT's "Training Manual on Rooftop Gardening" from here - ... ning.
Let me know if you are unable to access the document.

(3) For agro accessories, such as, Roof Top Planter Bags, Potato bags, or square soil boxes, you may contact "Kisan Agro Mart" at 01-4105104, New Baneshwor, Okhharbot Marg.

(4) You may be interested in "Growing without Soil", learn Hydroponics Nepal, who boasts as the pioneer initiator and leader of hydroponic farming systems in Nepal.
Contact - 9801277780 (Farm location - Tokha)
Website -

(5) For reference - Watch Kausibari by Anki and Ashu on youtube -

(6) कौसी खेती गर्दा अपनाउनुपर्ने मुख्य दश कुराहरु के–के हुन ?
- ... 06-23


Hope this helps.

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Please follow the following page on Facebook, they are providing useful information on Rooftop gardening!
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I recommend this Facebook group!
They help me a lot with great advice from the experts!
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