A shareable infographics to protect yourself from COVID-19. And, reduce possible infection or spreading COVID-19 by taking some simple precautions.

Sampurna Man Tuladhar Shares on his Facebook:
Please to share the following 9 posters.
After planning, replanning and multiple back and forth editing and discussion, the newly established non profit organization 'Champions for Nepal Health' ( soon opening a community based non profit clinic) is pleased to display these for public use.
It gives good information for those who are considering HOME ISOLATION and what precautions to take. Hope our little effort will benefit many. Sincere thanks to Roseena Shakya, Meekha Mathema Didi , Kamal Keshari Didi, Johee Yuna Lee and others who initiated and supported this endeavor.

I would particularly like to dedicate this to Adarsha Man Tuladhar dai - a great intellectual and a giant in the community whom we lost recently. He was keen to ensure the community had good health and pushed hard for regular health check up. I am sure he will have be pleased to see his vision being pushed forward in this format to help the current crisis. Remembering him a lot.
For high resolution of these posters, please do inbox or email. They are for free distribution.

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