Travel Blog: A day hiking to Champadevi (Dincho) including route & photos.

Travel Blog: A Day hiking to Champadevi (Dincho)

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Hiking is the best part of spending your quality time in a short period of time with less energy but full of joy. This time, we decided to hike inside the Kathmandu Valley hills and found out one of the best hiking routes in Kathmandu Valley called "Champadevi Hiking" also called "Dincho Hiking" (2249m) route which used to be very famous on Nepali New year first day where most of the People around Kathmandu Valley hike there with the Religious belief.

Now, it's changing that people are hiking at that route for fun and short refreshment. People also go there for camping. The best part of this hiking route is that you reach the top of Kathmandu Valley and you will get to see the whole Kathmandu Valley from there. You walked from the pine forest, Rhododendron tree forest, and grassy ridgetop with some amazing stairs.

Some photographers also spotted Mt. Everest from there when the weather was clear and also can be spotted Beautiful eye-catching mountains and its ranges such as Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Langtang, Gaurishanker, etc.  
Also, if you want to hike more and want to have extreme in your hiking then, you can walk up after you reach to Champadevi and then to Chandragiri hills through Bhashmaseur hill, but it will be very challenging and extreme.

Hiking Route:

1. Kathmandu to Pharping Hattiban Resort from vehicles and then you can start your hike which will take around 2 and a half hours to reach the top. Easy hike, not a very high climb. Recommend to those who like to do easy hiking.
2. Taudaha to the white house to Champadevi: Parked your vehicles to Taudaha or go there by public vehicles, and climb uphill straight to Bosan and then to Champadevi. This is very straight uphill and a bit hard hiking due to continuing hiking upward and will take like 4 hours to reach top.
3. Kirtipur Machhegoan to Champadevi: This route is mostly famous for people of Kirtipur and around Kirtipur. This route is also hard because of the straight uphill hiking only, up to the top but very exciting because you have to go through the dense forest and narrow route and may take like 3 and a half hour.

Suggestions :
Take enough water and food, because there are no shops on the way. Travel on groups, and mostly on holidays and Saturday. Totally empty route with no tea houses and security.
If you can't walk up straigh uphill, then choose Hattiban Height Resort Route, otherwise Taudaha, and Machhegoan route are also fun. For Camping, its a best place to be in top to see the sunrise in the Kathmandu Valley and feel the whole valley from top. Buy water, food or essentail things from your home.

If you need any information about the place, please write to me at I am happy to answer any related quires about hiking in Champadevi.

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Went champadevi last week!
Really amazing for hiking.

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