What is the process of applying IPO ? How to create a demat account?

As I have been hearing lots of News about IPOs, share markets in Nepal.

I would also like to apply for it.
Anyone who can give me an idea? how to apply for ipo? how to start to invest in IPOs?
It would be a really great help!

thank you,
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Steps to start investing in IPOs in Nepal

  1. First Create your bank account!
  2. Then create a Dmat account from the Bank.
  3. Bank will provide you 16 digit BOID with Mero share details from where you can apply for IPOs online
  4. Check https://www.sharesansar.com/, https://meroshare.cdsc.com.np/ to get the latest updates on new ipos!
    Once you get a good knowledge of IPOs then start investing in the secondary market!
    You can get a good knowledge of the Primary market and secondary market from this youtube channel, or you can simply check videos only about Share market in Nepal
    https://www.youtube.com/channe ... XnS8Q
Good luck
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