How to reach lakuri bhanjyang?

Somebody kindly suggest on how to reach Lakuri Bhanjyang?
What are the major activities to do there?

Also recommend the most interesting ways to get there; taxi, bus, or mountain bike.

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Lakuri bhanjyang is located in Lalitpur district which is one of the preferable place to see great view of major cities of Nepal like kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Lalitpur.

Major Activities:
People mostly visit this place for Day hiking, short trek and also good place for family picnic. Lakuri bhanjyang also offers Himalaya range, spectacular sunrise view & the snow capped mountains with the life time experience to explore typical Nepali village and the life style, culture of local village people.

How to reach there?
It is 13 km from Ringroad gwarko, 9 Km from Sanga bhaktapur and 10 km from Godawari.If you are travelling to lakhuri bhanjyang by bus then you can get a bus from the Lagankhel Bus park or from Purano bus park.

Or Please check the location map, this might be helpful.

(Map source:

Hiking is one of the best option to travel lakuri bhanjyang, but we also recommended you to experience Motorbiking or Cycling since road are adventurous.

So if you wish to hire a motorbike for the destination, remember City Motorbike. We are located at the most happening place, Thamel, Ktm just two min east from center of Chettrapati Chowk.

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It is easy to reach Lakuri bhanjyang. You can take bus from Lagankhel and then hike uphill. OR you can take/hire motorbike/cycle to reach up there. It is more fun to ride motorbike.

Up from Lakuri bhanjyang, you can get the view of the Kathmandu city and panoramic view of the Himalayas. You can also enjoy the nature with the short hike.

Hope you will also enjoy the ride up there.

Enjoy :)
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Nepal Pictures

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The most interesting way to get there is by mountain bike. Just buy a map and/or follow the way from Patan to Lubhu and onwards to Panauti, Lakuri Bhanjyang is about 13 km from the ring road at Gwarko.

It is a beautiful place to relax, hike, watch the Himalayas and Kathmandu Valley, for paragliding and several other activities.
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Dear belfret,

We have short blog on lakuri bhanjyang at (Travel blog on Lakuri Bhanjyang.)

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Can we get direct vehicles from Bhaktapur or Gwarko upto Lakuri Bhanjyang?
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