Are there waterfalls in Kathmandu valley or in the districts nearby?

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My travel buddy and i are arriving kathmandu for few days trip in this august/september. I expect lots of fascinating natural beauties and exotic locations in nepal especially in kathmandu .We are planning to explore some bunch of natural looking waterfalls and want to experience the refreshing touch of waterfalls. i just want to know whether there are water falls in kathmandu valley or in nearby location. Please also suggest me the companies that would take care of my trip.

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August/September is a very good month to travel Nepal. There are lots of natural beauties around the valley where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax. These places are just 1-2 hour drive from the center of the valley.

There are two nearest waterfall around Kathmandu valley. They are to the north of the city.

One is Jhor Mahakal {see:} which is about 14 km from the valley. We can reach there in about 30 minutes or so drive. You can take a micro bus from Samakhusi bus park to reach there. Or you can hire a bike to drive there. You can enjoy the beautiful view of green nature while driving there with less pollution and more of fresh air.

You can enjoy the short hike up to reach up to the waterfall. There is also a small cave nearby. Lots of local people and people from Kathmandu visit there in the leisure time to enjoy the natural waterfall.

Another one isSundarijal which is about 17 km from Kathmandu. You can reach there in about 30-45 minutes depending on a modes of travel. You can take a local bus from the bus park, which will directly take you to Sundarijal bus park. Or you can hire a bike to reach there. Driving is easy in the outer part of Kathmandu. There is less traffic and road is open and safe.

From Sundarijal bus park, you have to hike for about 30 minutes to reach waterfall. You will see many small waterfalls while you hike. You have to pay certain amount to enter the park. This park is an area of Shivapuri National park. This place is crowded mostly on Saturdays and other public holidays. People come here to enjoy and relax with friends and families.

Other attraction of this waterfall is canyoning {see:}. Adventure seeking tourists come here for a day-hike or a one-day canyoning trip.

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This question is better answered at (Jhor Mahankal, Baundeshwor cave and waterfall near Kathmandu City)

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