Trekking in Langtang, Need some information

Hi all — just wanted to get your thoughtful advice on a trip that a few friends and I are planning a trek up Langtang Valley. We will be arriving in Kathmandu and want to ask Couple of question;

Do we need a permit to trek in Langtang? If so, can we get this organized in Kathmandu on the Saturday? What time is the permit office open till and how long will it take to get trekking permit? And leave on a trek from the time you get to Kathmandu and find an operator you want to go with?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear Jeff,

Greetings From Clear Sky Treks.
The Trekking permit for Langtang is required for foreigners only. It is an instant process. The Trekking permit can be obtained from Nepal Tourism Board(NTB), Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, else if you are going directly to the trek then, you can obtain the permit in the Dhunche Checkpoint. The cost will be approx. Nrs. 3000 for trekking permit and $10 for Tims Card($15 if solo i.e without guide). If you are interested, our supporting team is always there to help. Happy Trekking,
Dear @krmaharjan,

It is not recommended to visit Langtang in solo. It is because of crimes like robbery, rape, kidnapping. Recently, there is a lot of news about the missing cases. So, there is recent law from TAAN that says you cannot go to Langtang alone, if you are going alone, then the government or the embassy would not be responsible for loss of property or missing case.

On the other hand, if you are interested to travel alone, then in the Dhunche checkpoint, there are Unions who can be contacted for trekking in the region. They will act like a guide but the charges for trekking would be high from the normal guide.

So, we highly recommend you to hire a guide or contact trekking agencies for operating the trek. We are also one of them. If you are interested, our supporting team is always there to help.

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Shyam Shahi

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Namaste and Greetings from the peace land of Nepal,
Regarding Langtang Region Trekking, It is not need special trekking permit. On the way to Langtang,You can take Langtang National park Entry Permit which cost 1000 rupees (US$ 15) Per person.

Buddha Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd
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Good resource.
Shyam ji, please tell us how safe is to travel solo (for a foreigner) in Langtang region? What kind of risks are involved if traveled solo?

thanks in advance
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