Tokha is situated in Katmandu district of Bagmati zone of central development region. Consisting of two VDCs: northern- Chandeshwori VDC and Southern-Sarswoti VDC, it is situated at an altitude of 130 m, As per category in geographical region, this village is situated in mountain region.

The temple of Lord Shiva

Tokha is surrounded by Khadka Bhadrakali VDC on its east, Phutung VDC on its west, Jhor VDC on its north and Dhapasi and Gongabu VDC on its south. This village is 4km northern from Katmandu MPC or Samakhusi ring road.

The furious Diety Kali in rage

The lord Mahadev lying in front of Kali

This area lies in Mahabharat range and there is a flat land on top and is surround by slopes in all direction except North side, elevated part of jhor VDC and shivapuri national Park.

Majority of people here are based upon agriculture for livelihood. Nowadays, most adults are abroad in Gulf countries in search of work.

The statue of Lord Ganesha

Majorrity of peple are illiterate here but very few of them had achieved Master Degree in their related field. But number of students for higher education is being increasing past 3-4 year. Now, there are several schools for imparting education.

Festivals are the inseparable part of Nepali culture. Numerous festivals are celebrated in Nepal every year. National festivals have fixed dates on calendars but religious festivals are fixed by astrologers following the lunar calendar. One of the best aspects about the festivals in Nepal is that they are celebrated with the great enthusiasm and passion the way it used to be hundreds of years ago when people had no other means of entertainment.