Canyoning at Sundarijal, Kathmandu (19 Photos)

Trip Facts:
Canyoning Trip:
Total Canyoning Duration: 5-6 Hours.

Things to Carry While Canyoning: Video camera and cameras (I prefer waterproof), extra clothes, towels, shoes with grips, first aid kits.

Required wet suits, waterproof bags, safety harness, helmets, ropes, and carabiners are provided by the canyoning company.  Also you must get permit which is also managed by the company.

Trip to Sundarijal canyoning site started at 7:30 from Jamal and we reached the bus park at about 8:15 a.m. We used our own vehicles for transportation. The ride across the city is fun in a motorbike. We recommend you take a motorbike or a mountain bike as you can enjoy the view around the route avoid parking problems. From the bus park, we hiked for about 30 minutes to reach up to the camp site (Chhango Riverside Hotel & Resort).

Altogether there were 8 people including 3 guides for the canyoning. There our guide Mr. Dhurba Bista who is one of the best guide for canyoning gave some briefing about the safety and do’s and don’t’s about the canyoning. This canyoning includes hiking, abseiling, swimming, caving, & sliding. Everybody was quite excited to start the canyoning after the briefing. And after briefing we had our light breakfast (noodle soup and tea) and we introduced each other. There were also two local guides which helped us for canyoning. After we finished our breakfast, we geared up for canyoning.

As we could not wait any longer, we hiked straight up at the canyoning site. After 45 minutes of hike we reached at the site, all excited and enthusiastic. During hiking, there were few people giving awkward gaze as we were all suit up in the wet suit as this was quite unusual for the people.

Total 5 canyoning sites in which one is dry/wet fall and four wet falls.

• 1st fall 15 meter-damp/wet.
• 2nd fall 20 meter-wet fall.
• 3rd fall 18 meter-wet fall.
• 4th fall 35 meter-wet fall.
• 5th fall 45 meter-wet fall.

Finally, we reached the first waterfall site after 45 minutes of hiking. Excitement can be seen in everyone face, all equally excited, as it was the first time for everybody except the guides. The guides secured the ropes and gave some instructions on how to descend down from the water fall and other technical briefings. Everybody got harnessed and then descended down one by one.

The first fall was 15 meter high. It was short fall but was a good fall. You can descend down this fall either through water fall or through the side of the water fall, which is dry descend. As it was canyoning, nobody choose the dry descend. Everybody choose the wet fall, which was quite exciting and also thrilling. Everybody successfully descend down the first fall with all the safety, thanks to our guides. The very first fall provided much of the expected adrenaline rush and we could not hold our anticipation for the next falls.

With a short walk along the river, we reached the second canyoning spot. The second fall was a bit long fall than the first one; it was a 20-meter wet fall. Carrying the same excitement and spirit from the first fall, we all descend down one-by-one the second fall safely. This one was more exciting. And the excitement continues along with the third fall which was 18-meter fall. This fall was equally exciting as the previous two falls. This fall is quite narrow fall and at the end of this fall, there is a small pond where you can jump in for extra thrill.

Next fall, the fourth one is quite tricky and technical than the previous three falls. This is a 35-meter fall, the long one than previous falls.You can do both abseiling and sliding in this fall. This is a two-part fall. The first fall is about 10 meter and the remaining is 25-meter. We recommend that you try both abseiling as well as slide in this two part to experience fun in canyoning. There is a small but deep shallow water after the first part, but the guides with you will makes it easy to cross this obstacle.

Then after crossing this deep shallow water, the remaining part is also extreme where you can slide as well as do abseiling. At the end of the second fall, you can either jump into the water or continue canyoning. After the fourth canyoning, we have to walk a very short distance for the fifth and the last spot. The fifth fall is the longest fall of all which is 45 meter.

The starting point of this fall is quite narrow. There is a very narrow spot where only one people can barely stand, but you have to manage two people to stand here, thanks to the guide who helped us with his experience. This is the most thrilling fall in the whole canyoning in Sundarijal. This is like a straight fall through the force of water. Be careful while descending, you might be caught on the branches or roots in between the fall.

From the last fall to the camp site, we have to hike about 10-15 minutes, and then we can have our lunch at the camp.

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