Photo Source: News of Tokha

Tokha is situated in Katmandu district of Bagmati zone of central development region. Consisting of two VDCs: northern- Chandeshwori VDC and Southern-Saraswoti VDC, it is situated at an altitude of 130 m, As per category in geographical region, this village is situated in mountain region. Tokha is surrounded by Khadka Bhadrakali VDC on its east, Phutung VDC on its west, Jhor VDC on its north and Dhapasi and Gongabu VDC on its south. This village is 4km north from Kathmandu MPC or Samakhusi ring road.

This area lies in Mahabharat range and there is a flat land on top and is surround by slopes in all direction except North side, elevated part of jhor VDC and shivapuri national Park. Majority of people here are based upon agriculture for livelihood.
**Event Details:**
Date: March1-March2, 2014
Address: Tokha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Objectives of the Festival:
  • To preserve and conserve local culture and tradition.
  • To promote cultural and religious along historical tourism.
  • To spread and promote local festivals and events.
  • Introducing the unity of Tokha to other societies and bringing them all together.
  • To motivate the Media, Researcher, popular personalities or any kind of cultural groups to visit and study about the traditional, cultural, social, historical and archaeological importance of Tokha.

Special Attraction of the Festival:

In this events there will be showcase of the festivals, culture and traditions celebrated in Tokha throughout the year in the natural possible way. This event will be a big umbrella to showcase the local dance, musical instruments, folk songs, traditional lunch/dining sets, local productions, handicrafts, etc.Some of the various historical, cultural, religious and art and architectures being showcased are detailed below:

Highlights of Local Festivals:
- Biska Nakha (विस्का नख:)
- Gathemangal Jatra (गठेमङ्गल जात्रा)
- Ropai Jatra (रोपाई जात्रा)
- Krishna Jatra (कृष्ण जात्रा)
- Halibali Jatra (हलीबलि जात्रा)
- Harihar Bhajan Jatra (हरिहर भवन जात्रा)

Highlights of Traditional Dances:
- Yapyakha (याप्याखं)
- Naghpyakha (नागप्याखं)
- Lakhe Naach (लाखे नाच)

Religious things to be observe:
- Living Goddess: Lord Kumari & Vairab
- Historical & Traditional Skills
- Agriculture tools and Production

Ticket Facility: Rs.20 Entry fee is only for above 5 years children and you will be treated with one piece of Famous Local Chaku (Newari Traditional Sweet)

Transportation Facility: The Microbus Route No.23 from NAC (Nepal Airlines Cooperation) will take you through Thamel, Samakhusi to the Destination, Tokha.

Photo Source: News of Tokha