Embossed Number Plate for Vehicle in Nepal


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What is embossed number plate?

Embossed number plate is basically a high security number plate with digital identification for the vehicle which consists of State, type of vehicle, vehicle lot, and vehicle number. Unlike the old hand painted number plate, it consists of necessary information of vehicle as well as the owner. The inbuilt chip is connected with the GPS system of the vehicle which will be helpful to track the vehicle in case of theft. It will be also easy to track the vehicle in case of accidents. In case of theft of the vehicle, it also prevents from duplication of number plate. It also helps to track the moment of the vehicle.


How to apply for the embossed number plate?
  • Go to the DOTM website
  • Click on Embossed Number Plate Pranali on the right hand side. Click on 3rd option for Online application
  • Now Click on “Get Started.”
Fill up the form given on that particular page. They will ask you to fill up information regarding you and your vehicle. For vehicle information, you have to fill the form according to your bill book.

Cost of applying embossed number plate:

Two wheeler: 2500
Three Wheeler: 2900
Four Wheeler: 3200
Medium/heavy vehicle: 3600



What are the required documents to get embossed number plate?
  • Bill/Blue book pages 1 and 2.
  • Copy of citizenship passport.
  • Vehicle tax cleared receipt.
  • Application form copy.
  • Copy of money deposit voucher from the recommended bank.
The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has published a notice requesting to apply for the embossed number plate to keep track of the vehicle and also protect the vehicle from being stolen. For now, the embossed number plate has been issued in the Bagmati Province only, but over the next five years, DoTM have targeted to implement this rule throughout the country.

What are the advantages of embossed number plate?
  • Easy to keep track the movement of the vehicle.
  • In case of stole and theft, vehicle can easily be located.
  • The inbuilt radio frequency identification system, it will disclose the manufacturer of the vehicle, model of the vehicle and the user.
  • Easy to track the record of number of vehicles in Nepal.
More details here at Department of Transport Management

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