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Subi Maharjan

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One of my friends took her 1st dose of the vaccine already, after 10 days she got infected with the corona virus during that period she missed her 2nd dose. After how many days of Negative reports she can take 2nd dose?

Thank you

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Basically, everything is in a trial phase. But once after we are infected it takes time to develop and regain our antibody. Even we are tested negative afterwards, we have to deal weakness. So scientist have suggested to take the first or second dose corona vaccine only atleast after 30 days of covid positive. Or literally it will be effective if you take the vaccine after 30 days of tested negative.


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Hi Subi,
According to protocol by WHO. it's 4 weeks/1 month after you got recovered from Covid.
Also please check this article might helpful if you have doubt on second dose of vaccine:


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Hi subi,
After 30days you can take second dose!
Please check info shared by Government of Nepal.


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