NTC FTTH Internet Connection Issue [Resolved]


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Hello Nepal Telecom FTTH users,
I am sharing you a minor issue that caused internet problem for two days.

I have been a FTTH user since the day started and no issues faced. Also i have attached a DSL router for more wi-fi reach within the building.

The router indicated (signal blinking) that internet is smoothly running. But whenever i try to connect on PC it says "No internet" on mobile device it say, "internet may not be available, switch to data"

198 call:
I dialed 198 and the service staffs helped me to 'reboot' and 'restart' my router remotely.
But, it didn't work out. Its been two days.

DSL Router Connect:
To my surprise, If i connect to DSL router wi-fi, the internet connects, however the main router connects but 'no internet'

Issue Resolved:
Then the 198 support staff passed me Gongabu NTC Complain number where i am a subscriber.
He instructed me the following things:
  • Disconnect /Detach the DSL cable connection from the router,
  • Then, the support staff would reboot the main Router.
  • Wait until the internet signal blinks.
  • Re-Connect devices using wi-fi.
It worked. Now i am able to reconnect the internet from PC and Mobile.


So if you are facing the same, just try these steps.
Save Money, Save time.

Any comments, Hit reply.
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