Obtaining Company's Tax Clearance Certificate: What is needed?


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Dear business owners,
If you are a solopreneur and you take care yourself company's tax department, there are few things to consider before applying for a Tax Clearance Certificate. Otherwise, it will be hectic and might take long hours or days.

If you are about to head Inland Revenue Department (आन्तरिक राजस्व कार्यालय) to obtain your company's Tax Clearance Certificate (कर चुक्ता प्रमाणपत्र), you need to consider the following documents, to carry with you.

Let's assume you need for the year 2076/77,
  1. Carry photocopies of your recent:
    Signed and Stamped Financial Audited Report, Salary T.D.S. Paid vouchers, Rental Tax Paid Vouchers, TDS for Audit Fees Voucher, previous Tax Clearance Certificate Obtained if any, and the PAN Certificate.

  2. Application Letter with a Postal Ticket Stamped:
    clearly mention the year, Firm's Name and PAN number, contact number.

  3. Go to the designated IRD office.
    Meaning, if your business is registered in Ward 26, go to the IRD office located in Lazimpat. Otherwise, your company may be listed in the previous location.
    ठाउँ सारी गर्नु भएको छ भने, कर कार्यालय बाट फाईलपनि सम्बन्धित वडा को आन्तरिक राजस्व कार्यालयमा (आ. रा. का.) ठाउँ सारी भएको हुनुपर्छ, अन्यथा, पुरानै आ. रा. का. मा गई कर बुझाउनु पर्दछ।

  4. After you reach the IRD office, find the person who registers (दर्ता) your documents and he/she will pass it another table to assess and verify by the tax officer.

  5. You will get your signed documents and you need to find कर चुक्ता प्रमाणपत्र cabin/section where an officer will review your documents, manually and electronically on the IRD database.

  6. if submitted documents are satisfied, he will print a letter that needs to be signed by another senior officer.
    He will sign on both printed papers.

  7. Upon receiving it, you need to go to its reception, whom can register your copies and writes them down (चलानी नं).
  8. Get it stamped and you are done.

Why you will need a Tax Clearance Certificate?
You need to produce the certificate in order to maintain your taxpayer reputation. This certificate ensures your company's tax outstanding liability is clear.

While trading, if you are about to enlist your company for tenders or local ads such as बोलपत्र आब्हान, they will require the certificate to assure your company is genuine to deal with, and should you maintain local government's tax policy.

Just in case, tax assessment shows any tax liability, say, house/rental tax or TDS, don't panic.
You need to fill up the राजस्व दाखिला फारम, the red slip, which can be found in the next room.
You need to clearly fill;
  1. प्रयोजन : Salary TDS, or rental tax or mention as required
  2. कार्यालयको कोड : usually printed and pasted on the walls
  3. राजस्व शिर्षक नं : different codes for different tax heading, you need to consult the receptionist or read the flex print.
  4. कार्यालयको नाम : IRD - (input location)
  5. दाखिला रकम : input the total amount to be paid, tricky if there are penalties/late fee interest%. You may need to consult your auditor.
  6. आय बर्ष : current year, if not, mention the tax payable year.
Double confirm the written contents.
There're bank counters, pay the amount.
Get the Photocopies of the vouchers, then re-attach it to the file and re-submit.

You are done with it.
Don't forget चलानी नं and IRD stamped on it.

Hope this helps.

If you have encountered any different cases, comment below.

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I would like to add an important Update today.
If you are visiting IRD office to obtain the tax clearance certificate, NOW have to go through the "Biometric" Section. Which also means, IRD officer will click your new pictures, collects your signature, registers your Right and Left Thumb prints, digitally.


Before that you will need to carry the following documents:
  • Original copy of Company's Certificate
  • Attend the exact person whose photo is on the Certificate
  • Personal PAN Number (for Pvt. Ltd.)


After reviewing, IRD officer will print a new Company Certificate with your new photo on it.
(Make sure you are well dressed and have a happy face during photo session on a webcam)

Hope this helps.