Shipping Motorbike from Nepal to Netherlands, Any help?


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One of my friend and i did a trip together in Nepal with Royal enfield Himalayan. My friend is from Netherlands and he really liked the bike. Unfortunately they don't have Royal Enfield Himalayan in Netherlands.

Is it possible to ship the Himalayan motorbike from Nepal to Netherlands?

I would be really grateful, if anyone can provide the information.

Thank you,



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Hi Kiran,
I suggest your friend to ship bikes from India or a European country.
In Nepal automotive costs quite expensive than in other countries because of high import taxes (200% tax by the government)
For Royal Enfield Himalayan which cost 9000USD for the bike, if you buy it from India it cost around 2000 USD. All Royal Enfield bikes are imported in Nepal from India. Due to tax, the price is too high in Nepal. It will be a better idea to ship from India. I saw Himalayan bikes are getting popular in most European countries, maybe you can reach out to any official dealer from European countries and try to ship it from there?

Hope this information is helpful to you.
Thank you