A short journey from Kathmandu to Bhubaneshwori Temple in Tarakeshwar, Nepal

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It had been a long time we haven't visited any places so, we decided to visit a nearby place on our Chhath Parva holiday. Since we were planning for a short distance ride, Bhubaneshwori temple located in Tarakeshwar crossed our mind. We had heard about this temple through our mother, who had already visited. She had praised about its tidiness as well as its peculiar way of entering the temple by dipping the feet into water. It really fascinated us. Thus, we fueled up our scooter and started to ride forward to our destination from Balaju Bypass.

Just 30 minutes of ride forward from Balaju will take you to this Amazing temple. We were stunned by the architectural design of this temple as we have never seen this before in Kathmandu valley. We witnessed the beauty of Kathmandu on top of Bhubaneshwori temple.
We found this place quite peaceful and perfect spot for those who would like to meditate and get an incredible view of Kathmandu valley




We couldn't resist posting pictures of beautiful temples on social media. We had even posted a short video on TikTok which got more than 2 lakh views & more than 100 comments. Also, we received lots of queries regarding the temple routes. Hence, in order to promote domestic tourism and assist interested travelers, we have written this blog.

Video from the Bhubaneshwori temple here:

Our video from tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mrsujanmaha...-eF3-4q98R4bw9LOgibIdjph2QLDVfhbUz2u-xZ0&_r=1


Click here for Route Map for the Temple: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Bal...2bdf7172fb5!2m2!1d85.2788535!2d27.7807005!3e0

Route for Bhubaneshowri Temple:
Balaju Bypass - Mudkhu - Tinpple Check post (Once you reached to Tinpple check-Post you can ask any locals about the Temple)
from the Tinpipple police check-post, it will take around 30 minutes of steep steps along the way to reach Bhubaneswori Temple.

Note: You can get a bus from Balaju bypass to reach the location!

Hope this blog will benefit travelers & promotes Domestic tourism in Nepal. Please Keep the surroundings clean if you are traveling there soon.
Please leave a comment or follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ttsuvi) if you are confused about the location.

Happy travelling! Let's promote domestic tourism in Nepal.
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