GPS tracker for Motorcycle (Kathmandu based)

Namaste all,
Last year i lost my brand new bike Pulsar 220c at parking in thamel, couldn't found the bike till date
now i am buying another bike but i want to make sure it won't be steal again hence i am looking for GPS tracker device for my bike. I have seen lots of GPS tracker ads in facebook but it looks like non of them are reliable and looks fake.

Anyone here who is using GPS tracker device for their vehicle please? I want to add one for my bike.
Please suggest!

Thank you


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We have been using GPS trackers for our bikes from Telematics Nepal.
- It can track the speed of your bike ride, fuel consumption, location.
- It cost around Nrs12000-13000 for the device and needs to renew every year with a certain charge.
Very good service till date, they are very quick if you have any problem on your device.

Contact Mr. Santosh for more details
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GPS tracker for bike & car be bought from Sewamandu Marketplace