Is there any organization who picks up dead body of a street dog in Banasthali?


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Is there any organization who can manage the dead body of a street dogs in Kathmandu?? Please?
One of street dogs was killed by a Truck near my home in Banasthali.

Please help,
I am willing to pay some amount who can pickup the dog.



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Gladly someone raised this question.

It happened to me last year, in the Samakhusi area. The carcass was there for 3-days. It's difficult to pass by. So I had to look someone up to manage this.

You can call Clean Nepal who provides dead dog management services. They come to the location and pickup in a proper way. I was told they will take it to the Kirtipur area where they bury the carcass.


Hope this helps.

-They only work inside the Ring Road.
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