My 10 year old child is obsessed with food. Should his parents be worried?

Hello community.
I am looking to get a genuine answer on this, because its important for both.

My niece is 10 years old already and he's 54 kgs. (since previous lockdown March 2020)
The problem is not about his weight, but, it is about his eating habits and obsession with foods, especially fried chicken.

Several times, I watched him to know that he craved for food every two hours. And he went like he can eat anything at any moment.
He gave me a signal to worry when he said, "aba dinner ma ke khane" right after his day meal. If he was told that the dinner plan is this tonight, he would be happy, otherwise he would go silent or nagging his mum.

And his mood swings frequently. Happy now and after a while he goes sad. Never tells the reason.

Another thing to point out, while driving a car he's always worried, if only his dad drives. He worries if the speed is okay or not, of tells a car go flip when speeding. And when driving slow he suspects if his dad is an experienced or have a license to drive.
And us, seated in the car don't know how to respond on his unsatisfied behavior.

For me, I can only guess that he's growing and he has demanding nature. As he grows, things with him will be alright. Am I right to say this?

My questions,
  • Are his habits are normal!
  • Should we as a parent, consult any expert, psychologist?
  • Or, let my niece talk to any child specialist?
Any experts here?
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Hello Sreena,
Your concern is very genuine and this should address as soon as possible. Regarding eating obsession, there is one psychosocial problem called Bulimia nervosa, consume more food especially binge eating. And while in driving, may be some kind of anxiety with it. So, it is recommended to consult with Clinical Psychologist. You can also contact us in TUTH Psychological Services.
Sulav Raj Upreti- Resident (Clinical Psychology, TUTH)


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