Traveling to Jomsom-Muktinath


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Dear Sir/madam,

I m thinking to visit muktinath from kathmandu on October season (dashain period) with my wife.
I m really really confused which travelling means to used. I have my own bike R15 and thinking to travel up to Pokhara by it and don't know will i get other means of transport or not from there up to muktinath.

I’m also taking with me, few jackets and woolen dresses and some food to have on the way.
What other things needed to carry in the journey.
Help needed.


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Hello Bikas ji.

I would suggest that you use local transportation that are available from Kathmandu to Pokhara/Beni, Beni to Tatopani/Ghasa, Ghasa to Jomsom, and then Jomsom to Muktinath.
If you are thinking of taking your R15 up to Muktinath, then i would suggest not to take your R15 because roads are more bumpy and hard to ride R15 on those trails and if in case your machine breaks down in between the tour, you will hardly find any mechanics/workshops nearby for maintenance but if you are thinking of taking bike then you can hire some other model bikes like XL, Enfield or other comfortable bikes from Kathmandu, because you will not get a bike to hire from Pokhara because of festive season (same problem we faced last year, then we chose to take local transports which turned out to be good decision later on).

Yes, you can take some extra warms cloths with you because it will be cold and windy in Jomsom and its a good idea to take some dry fruits with you.

Hope this will help you to travel.
Have a nice and safe journey.


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Hi Bikas

I agree with @Santosh

I last went to Jomson in october.
There are quite a few buses from Pokhara but be aware that some of the drivers/ companies try and get more money from passengers by saying there are no tickets etc etc and so everyone is running around trying to find out if there is space or not.

It's a hassle and unnecessary but ke garne.
Stops from Pokhara are at Beni and Ghasa. If you go early you should be able to reach in the same day. I ended up staying in Beni, there are plenty of places Or maybe go to Pokhara bus park in morning and see if you can find other passengers to share a taxi. I did this as far as Beni.

If you take your bike, the road is not good in places, narrow and with some slide areas - so not nice to try and pass the buses. And of course recently there has been snow so I guess it will be cold, wet and slippery and maybe more slides.

There are jeeps that go from north side of Jomsom to Muktinath each day, and most people just try and get a seat. They return at a set time. I would recommend this option than taking your bike.

I hope this is useful
have a great trip


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Yes, i had similar experience from Pokhara to beni, while I was hesitant to travel by bus.
There were taxis, standing by, who were waiting to be filled by another 3 passengers. We paid Rs. 600 each (4pax x 600rs) and we reached Beni within 2.5hrs.

And the panic started in Beni, then the ticket counter guy said,
- wait for 2hrs until the next jeep is ready,
- or else bear the money for other seats then they will start engine for ghasa.
- I and along with another 5 people waited another 5 people to come to fill the seats. waiting for almost 2hrs in beni
We were lucky enough to have a group of Finnish tourist, As they arrived and filled those empty seats, and we moved ahead to ghasa same day.

I stayed overnight in ghasa, instead of tatopani.
Also, there were taxis asking me for 2000 Nrs fare to go to tatopani.

I went there on March 2013