Valley Heaven Waterland & Agro Center - Is this the Best Resort To Eat Fish Near Kathmandu?


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Is this the Best Fishing Resort Near Kathmandu?​

Yes, most probably the Best Place To GO Fishing and Eat Fresh Fish located in Khokana or ख्वना, a popular NEWA town, near Kathmandu.

Valley Heaven Waterland & Agro Center - Khokana

This property in the Khokana has a huge potential for hangout, good launch, Live fishing, and sightseeing.​

The place has seating areas all around. If you are hungry for a good sunbath, this could be the place.
If you want a silent place where you can just go fishing alone, that is also possible.
You just want to relax doing nothing but enjoying the view there's a shed area, like the middle of the pond, where you get a 180-degree view.

Valley Heaven Waterland & Agro Center - Khokana

I went to the Valley Heaven Waterland, it was unplanned.
I was walking in the Khokana area and immediately noticed a large pond in the middle of the vacant farm.
Not knowing that it can be reached from Bhainsepati, a route from the Sainbu football ground.

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