What is home stay in Nepal and home stay trekking?Is that like a tea house trek?

Naba Thapa

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We heard great publishing and announcing home stay in Nepal and home stay trekking in news television.
My question is how effective for the tourist in home stay and trekking?

K Sen

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Homestay is not that new concept of accommodation. However Nepal officially launched homestay as supplementary accommodation in the pretext of ‘Nepal Tourism Year 2011′.

Homestay gives an opportunity to experience Nepalese culture closely. Clients stay with local family, do things with them, can participate in household chores and learn about how family works. This is the best type of accommodation for researchers, interns, students and volunteers.

Since there are private and community homestays across Nepal, tourists can do a tour staying in homestay accommodation. Teahouses along the classic treks are also sort of homestay. However teahouses have grown more commercial and you can see more employees than families.

Certain new trekking routes were developed in Nepal based on homestay accommodation. One of the most popular route is ‘Tamang Heritage Trail’. Trekkers can explore many unexplored regions based in homestay accommodation. This is what is homestay trek in real sense.