Worried about a wound caused by a nail.

few days ago, my child got poked by a nail. I checked the nail, it was sharp, pointed and rusted.
I cleaned the wound, applied clean water with anticeptic dettol-water
I even use two thumbs to extract some blood out from the wound.

then I went to a pharmacy.
I was very worried because my child is just 34 m/o. I couldn't sleep that night too.
the wound areas was appearing bluish.

so I cleaned with betadine and bandaged her properly as pharmacist advised to keep away from soil/mud, to prevent from further infections. so to bandage is must.


If your child has had already received DPT vaccines over the period within six-weeks and after ten-weeks, then your child is safe.
the DPT vaccine works until five-years of age.

I can confidently say that my child is safe, though it took five-days to heal completely.