Tea Farm (Garden) near Kathmandu !

Recently heard, there is a Tea Farm near Kathmandu.
But don't know the exact location, just heard we have to go through the historic place "Sankhu". Am very deliberate and excited to go there and explore its natural beauty.

Just can't afford to go to Illam and other eastern destiny for the beauty of Tea Garden, this place can be the paradise to relax for a day.

I would be very thankful if someone can provide me with the following details :
  • Name of the place.
  • Route of the destination.
  • How far is it ?
  • Do we have to walk or vehicle service available ?
  • Any facilities of fooding ?
  • and other preliminary services.
  • Awaiting for the reply !
Ya its good place abt 45 min ride from jarsing pauwa located about 7 km away from Sakhu bus park awesome place no need to go illam to visit tea garden. And u can also trek from sundarijal . Actually this place is located at bhotechaur vdc .
Best place to visit once you will feel like in heaven .

There is only one resort till now named Tea Gardern Village Resort proprietor shadhu khatiwada (9849650766) you can reserve for one night stay to see sunrise . Alomst road is good but about 2 km is off road u can take ur own vechile up to there but those who dont have there own should have to walk 30 min . Last but but the least its gud for picnic too

Some pictures of Tea Garden:


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I also recently visited this place, Its known as Everest Tea Garden, Bhotechaur.
You can go with your private vehicle till there.
Or go to Sankhu Bus Park and hike but it would be difficult if you have just single day.
So bike would be the best means according to the road condition.

Ahead of Sankhu Bus Park after few minutes take left turn, then for few minutes ride uphill to Jaharsingh Pauwa. The view is awesome from there.
You can take rest in the ground and have some snap and relax few moments.
From there take left path, and we head towards the beautiful garden for about 10km.
The garden is not big enough as in eastern regions as of Illam but big enough to give you all the feelings of the Real Tea Garden.
From from here you will have Tea Garden plus the beautiful panoramic mountain view.
Yeah definitely, you will be in Paradise for a day away from Kathmandu. The fresh air and the greenery, ah, its really awesome.

The roads are graveled and little bumpy in some places (overall fine for us) from Sankhu so ride well.
Till Sankhu its fully pitched so no worries. Pack you own food so you don't have to starve.

I think its totally about 40 to 45 km away from Kathmandu.
Thank you all for providing me with the precious information.
It will be very helpful to guide me to the Tea Garden.
I am going to explore the beauty of the garden soon.
Jeher sing pauwa, it lies on the way. Don't know the exact place name but I got the location update as Bhotechaur. While click pictures.

Simple.. just take the left turn route from sankhu. And head ahead. this is the only way there.... And mark up your watch. 1 hour drive to be exact at 50 km /hr. there you find two ways, one is the main route and other uphill to the left. Gravel road for 10 minutes. There you reach the heaven.

Just keep in mind do over drive to melamchi helambu.... :p

Good day...!!!!