Want to know about Singing bowl therapy or sound healing classes in Nepal?

Hello everyone! I'm currently in Kathmandu and I've noticed many people selling and using singing bowls for healing purposes. It has piqued my interest, and I even found information online about learning singing bowl therapy or sound healing. I'm curious about the benefits of this therapy and where I can purchase a few singing bowls in Kathmandu in a reasonable prices.

Could anyone provide insights on the different types of singing bowls available and their differences? I'm genuinely fascinated and would appreciate any guidance on purchasing singing bowls and exploring singing bowl therapy or sound healing classes in Nepal.
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Hello! Thomas,
That's wonderful that you're interested in singing bowls and exploring sound healing in Nepal. Singing bowls have a rich history in Nepal and are believed to have therapeutic effects on the mind and body.

There are several types of singing bowls available, each with its own unique characteristics and sound qualities. When purchasing a singing bowl, it's essential to consider factors such as size, weight, material, and sound quality.

It's recommended to personally try out different bowls to find the one that resonates with you the most.

Since you are in Kathmandu now, try to contact Ms. Shreejana Maharjan contact. no. +977-9849062423 (https://siddhanttradeinternational.com/). @Siddhant Trade Intl . They have wide selection of bowls to choose from, and you may find unique designs and variations. They also provide the sound healing classes. They shall be happy to see you.

Enjoy your exploration of singing bowls and the fascinating world of sound healing!
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I recently attended a short sound healing class hosted by Siddhant Trade International in Kathmandu, and I must express my immense satisfaction with the experience. The session was conducted as an open group session, and I am truly delighted that I decided to participate with my friend, it was our first time trying the sound healing session.

The sound healing session proved to be an exquisite and profound experience for us. I felt relaxed and focused at the same time. Great experience for us. I wholeheartedly recommend this sound healing class to others seeking a unique and transformative experience.

Here are a few photos from the sound healing session.

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