Bhotechaur Tea Garden, Kathmandu, Nepal (12 Photos)

Bhotechaur Tea Garden, Kathmandu, Nepal (12 Photos)

Bhotechaur is a village in Sindhupalchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal and one of the rising tea garden destination, nearest to Kathmandu.​

Recently I had been to Bhotechaur, Actually i didn't knew much about the place only i knew was it's known as "Sano Illam". It is difficult to reach actual Illam to see the Tea garden cause it takes a long time. So, i was excited about the tea garden in Bhotechaur. But I was a bit confused how to reach the place. First google gave me a hand in the search.

We were four travelling with our motorbike, We started our journey at 10am from Balaju. We reached Sankhu at 11am, after one hour of drive. We couldn't locate the exact location of Bhotechaur Tea Garden. We only knew that we have to pass through Sankhu to reach Bhotechaur. To get sure, we asked few locals about the place. Then, we came to know that From sankhu it takes about 20 to 30min to reach Jaharsing Pauwa. From Jaharsing Pauwa it takes 30-40min to reach Bhotechaur.

After 30-40min of up and downhill drive from Bhotechaur, we saw many people is heading to the same location and we drove together with them. While we are on the way we saw mountain covered with tea farm. We were too excited to see the farm and We finally reached the destination at 12pm that overwhelmed us with its beauty.

We parked our bike at the parking station nearby Tea Garden. It is meant for Private transportation only. With the long drive we were exhausted and craving for the lunch. We were glad to find a newly opened bamboo hut restaurant nearby the Tea Garden. After 30mins of our lunch break we started to explore the beauty. We took enormous numbers of Pictures for our memory. It was exciting to see many group of people like us adoring the beauty and few families with the dry picnic.

There were Few guards observing everyone of us making sure of conservation of their Hardwork. After few hours of enjoyment we headed back to home.

This is my personal Blog and shared my experience with you all. I enjoyed a lot with the Natural beauty of Tea Garden and back with a loads of memories and pictures. Hope this blog will help you to reach the destination.

I received many Queries about the Location, Here are my answers​

Any facilities of fooding ?

Yes, If you are worried about the lodging and fooding, there are resorts and small restaurants on the way and near the destination.

Do we have to walk or vehicle service available?

Yes, Hiking is possible and Vehicles are alternative. but If you don't want to take your own vehicle, go for the public transportation.

How to get bus to Bhotechaur?

You can get bus from Purano Buspark. The transportation can be boarded at Purano Buspark (Old Buspark), Kathmandu. The last stop is at Sankhu Buspark.


Place: Bhotechaur Tea Garden
Starting Point: Balaju, Kathmandu
Duration: 3-4 Hours Drive
Route: Balaju-Maharajgunj-Chabahil-Boudha-Jorpati-Mulpani-Sanlju-Thali-Dhanchi-Bhramakhel-Sankhu-Jharasing Pauwa-Bhotechau
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